Lake Kapowsin Update

This is an update on Lake Kapowsin for all those interested:

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Aquatic Reserves Program staff has recently completed a lengthy outreach and evaluation process for the proposed Lake Kapowsin Aquatic Reserve. The process included outreach with the public, local interest groups, and tribal interests. Two open house public meetings were held in fall 2014 to address questions and gather feedback from the local community. In addition to community outreach, an objective scientific evaluation of the site was completed in spring 2015 by a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), a panel of natural resource experts. The TAC unanimously recommended establishment of the site as an Aquatic Reserve (Attached). The Commissioner of Public Lands has taken the TAC’s recommendations into consideration and directed DNR staff to begin the planning process for the proposed Lake Kapowsin Aquatic Reserve.  Also this year, staff worked with a consulting firm to carry out biological assessment of the lake habitat and species. The link to this technical report is below.

An advisory committee has been formed to assist DNR in the development of the proposed Lake Kapowsin Aquatic Reserve management plan. The advisory committee represents a wide range of local interests to ensure the sustainable management of state-owned aquatic lands.   We currently have 13 confirmed participants; meeting are open, but please let me know if you want to attend as a guest since the room we currently have reserved is not huge. Public comment will be accepted at the end of the meetings. The first meeting is at 10:30 am – 12:30 pm at the Graham Public Library on August 27th , located at 9202 224th St E. in Graham. There will also be opportunities for public review of the draft plan in the coming months.

The planning committee will assist in identifying conservation targets, developing reserve-specific goals and objectives, identifying monitoring, research and restoration needs, assisting with the development of management strategy, and reviewing and commenting on draft sections of the plan.  The planning process will emphasize the conservation and protection of natural systems and continued public use and recreation.

I invite you to contact me regarding the development of the management plan or any questions you may have regarding the proposed Lake Kapowsin Aquatic Reserve.

Thank you,

Birdie Davenport
Aquatic Reserve Program Manager

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