Happy 3rd Birthday Pierce Prairie Post!

SPANAWAY, WA — Three years ago today, the Pierce Prairie Post made it debut. With the assistance and Birthdaysuggestions of Karen Ansteth and Ben Sclair, Editor Marianne Lincoln got the on-line paper up and running.

Now, 3 years later there have been over 2500 articles and thousands of photos of what  you and your neighbors are doing in unincorporated South Pierce County. This is an amazing and active place, looking forward to receiving your news, stories and press releases for this upcoming year!

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  1. Jim Akers says:

    Hey Marianne-Happy 3rd year.
    You have done a great job with your news paper. Please keep up the good work. I know sometimes it may seem like a thankless endeavor, but the value of your PPP is real value and fills a need that is not otherwise available to the communities served.
    Thank you for your dedication to community and region.
    Jim Akers

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