Time to STUFF the BUS – Dec 5

Stuff the Bus, a project begun by Bethel School District Transportation Department members, is a way to help out folks in need in our Stuff the buscommunity. The project began in 2012.

Saturday, Dec. 5, they will have a bus at the Spanaway Walmart all day. You can bring new toys, children’s clothing and non-perishable food to share.

The idea came to a group of Bethel transportation workers while in a Core Class talking with Superintendent Seigel on Dec. 1. Someone said we should stuff the bus and the light bulbs came on all at once. Michelle McGhee, Michele Lile and Jamie Morris worked with their department head Karen Campbell and their Union rep., Kath Larson to clear the way.

Austin Lile, a Senior at GKHS, helps his mom as a volunteer at the Fred Meyer parking lot.

The volunteers will be out from 9am to 3pm. Dropping by with food, clothing, supplies and toys for the less privileged in the Bethel District this holiday season.

Thank you to all the good-hearted folks who will contribute again this year!


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