DeForest Kelley Up Close and Personal Book Launch

50th Anniversary Edition Book Launch for local author, Kristine Smith.

The book is available in two softbound versions and one Kindle version.

‘DeForest Kelley Up Close and Personal from the Fan who Knew Him Best’ is on schedule to launch on January 8th, 2016.

The new edition will have more than 55 additional pages of true anecdotes that were deleted from the 2001 edition (all of them hysterically funny!) and lots of rarely-before-seen personal photos of the Kelleys and their cards and letters to author Kris Smith.

An upcoming AUDIO VERSION (available hopefully by mid-summer) will have a place at the end where many of the voicemail messages that the Kelleys left, will be included so you can hear their actual voices! Some of them are pretty funny! Others are poignant, wistful, and should help you feel what it was like helping De during his final days.

Author’s Background: DeForest Kelley launched my writing career. I became his personal assistant and caregiver at the end of his life. In between, we had lots of fun and many good times. This book details many of them.

De gave me permission to write this book but it was De’s biographer, Terry Lee Rioux, who posed a question to me that I thought only De could answer:

“How did you go from being a fan, on the outermost reaches of fandom, to being at his bedside when he died?” When I told her that only De could answer that–she said, “You have the answer. You just have to connect the dots.”

So connect them I did by going into the mountain of journals I had written along the way. This book is the answer to Terry’s question. ‘DeForest Kelley Up Close and Personal’ explains it all.

Please help extend De’s legacy to the next generation of #StarTrek fans–the kids who were too young, or not yet born, when De trod among us.

Book Edition Links (again, please wait until Friday January 8th to buy from these links so the title goes up the flagpole at Amazon that day):

Kindle Edition ($15.99) Link:

Black and white inside images ($29.99) link:

Full Color images inside ($69.99) link:


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