May 4, 2016 – Deadline for advancement of charter review proposals


Information provided by Robert Hill, modifications by editor

THURSDAY, April 27, the 2016 Pierce County Charter Review Commission consented to a requirement that all submissions, whether in the ‘Public’ or ‘Commissioner’ or ‘Officials’ category, needs to receive 4 votes to move forward; or else die prior to the June 30th termination date of the commission.

Should you wish to review what is currently before the body, this is the link to the proposed Charter Amendments

The Meeting is at 7:00pm, at the Annex—-3401 South 35th Street, Tacoma.

This is your next-to-last chance to determine what goes on the ballot this November for the voters of Pierce County to adopt or reject.

The Pierce County Charter Review Commission is elected once every 10 years to review and they propose changes to Pierce County’s Charter. This charter can be likened to a “constitution” for the county’s form of government. Changes can make a huge difference to how the county is run and who is in control. Your elected County Council does try from time to time to make changes to this charter as well. It requires a super majority for them to make changes. Often, the County Council is reminded they are not the best body to be making those changes as it appears as the fox watching the hen house. So this is your chance as citizens to put in what is important and remove what you think of as waste.


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