May 3 – Summit-Waller Community Association, Annual Community Meeting


Summit-Waller Community Association – Annual Community Meeting

Tuesday, May 3, 2016 – 6:30 to 9:00 pm
id-County Community Center, 10205 44th Ave E, (behind Central Avenue Elementary School)



We think that you will find that the meeting has a very informative variety of topics and important guests.


  • Concerned about nuisance properties?  Our Pierce County Councilman will be at the meeting to inform us on this topic and others pertinent to our community.
  • Are you a senior citizen?  What does the Mid-County Community Center have to offer you in the way of activities?  We have the center’s director to address that topic.
  • Interested in an update on crime in the community?  Tips on how to protect yourself and your property?  Why have Neighborhood Watch in the community?  Are there monthly meetings?
  • Interested in the 160-acre Orangegate Park in our community?  Could it become another homeless encampment this summer? Who monitors the park and keeps it litter free?  Help us formulate a future vision plan for the park.  Fill out a questionnaire at the meeting.  A Pierce County Parks representative will speak to these issues.
  • Live in the Franklin Pierce School District?  Did you know about the upcoming bond issue this fall to replace the very old Central Avenue & Collins elementary schools in our community if the bond passes?  How will that affect our school taxes? We have the top FPSD people coming to the meeting to inform you on that and other school district news.
  • Heard about the Puyallup River reforestation project? We have several creeks that flow into the Puyallup  in our community.  Are you a land owner who is interested in reforestation options on your property.  We have the person to talk to at the meeting.
  • Live on Waller Road?   Are you helping to keep Waller Road litter free?  We have information on our May and August clean-updates.
  • Lastly,  We will have a free raffle for you to win one of five beautiful flower basket arrangements worth over $50 each to those who attend and are in attendance at end of the evening.

We would appreciate the support of our community with a big turnout for the meeting.  It should be very a very informative night.


Thank you for your continued support.

Larry Volland, President,
Summit-Waller Community Association


Pre-Meeting Social Time:          (6:30 – 7:00 pm)

Sherry Graham – Puyallup River Watershed Reforestation Initiative

  • Talk to Sherry about reforestation options for Summit-Waller land owners.

Larry Volland, current SWCA president – Introductions       (7:00pm)

  • Importance of supporting members; Recruitment of new Board members;
  • Some SWCA recent accomplishments & awards; SWCA Web & Facebook pages

Jeananne “Bunny” Conwell, Exec. Dir. – Mid-County Community Center

  • Welcome – explain community center activities and services.                       (7:05pm)


Rick Talbert, our P.C. Council Representative, District #5, and    (7:10pm)

Mark Williams, Assistant to Councilman, Rick Talbert

  • Information on county issues important to our Mid-County Communities.


Dr. Frank Hewins – Supt. – Franklin Pierce School District (FPSD)       (7:30pm)

Willie Painter – Public Information Officer – FPSD

Sly Boskovich – Dir. Of Career Technical Education – FPSD

Robin Heinrichs – Dir. Support Services/Maintenance – FPSD

  • General school district information; Information on the November Bond Issue & its huge impact on our Mid-County & district schools; Information on the “Farm” at
  • 96th & Waller now & a possible Natural Science Research STEM Center in the future.

John Goodspeed – SWCA Waller Rd “Adopt-A-Road” Information  (7:55pm)

  • Spring Clean-up: Saturday, May 21; Fall Clean-up: Saturday, Aug. 20

Donn Brunson – Waller Road Neighborhood Action Team Coordinator  (8:00pm)

  • Area Crime Update – Plus tips on personal protection and security

Kimberly Freeman – Resource Stewardship Superintendent –

  • Pierce County Parks & Recreation – SWCA Vision Plan for Pierce Co.   (8:20pm) Orangegate Park Property (143 acres – 84th St E & 46th Ave E) –
  • Park Dept. & public response to our community, park vision plan

RaffleNote – Raffle winners must be present at time of raffle to win. (8:45pm)

  • (Wow!  Nice, large, patio planters with live flower arrangements)

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