Joint Base Lewis-McChord late-night firing announcement


JOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD, Wash. – Joint Base Lewis-McChord will conduct late-night firing on the following date(s):

DATE               Tuesday, June 14, 2016 to Wednesday, June 15, 2016   

TIME                8 a.m. (June 14) to 2 p.m. (June 15) continuously

FIRING OF        M777 155mm Howitzers

The purpose of the late night training is for unit proficiency training on this weapon system and in support of forward operating ground forces.

Second Battalion, 17th Field Artillery on JBLM will conduct training with the M777 155mm towed Howitzers. Increased levels of activity will be noticed during the day, evening and nighttime hours, and firing will be conducted from two firing points on base.

This is required training, which allows military members to practice and improve skills necessary during combat. As often as possible, JBLM conducts larger scale artillery firing and demolition training at the JBLM Yakima Training Center in an effort to minimize inconvenience for the surrounding communities. However, some training must take place on base.

Queries or comments about noise may be directed to the JBLM Public Affairs Office’s External Communication Division hotline at (253) 967-0852, daily.

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