723 is building South Pierce County business at The Fair

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By Marianne Lincoln20160901_124138-1

The South Pierce County business group called “723” is finishing up touches on their booth at the Puyallup Fair, I mean, the Washington State Fair. (Around here we still say McChord and Ft. Lewis too.)

723 just pulled off winning both the best chili award and the People Choice awards at Freddie Fest in August. Now they are taking their successful and persistent natures to “The Fair.” to promote business in South Pierce County.

Also at the Fair will be members of the Frederickson Clover Creek Community Council and Cross Park advocates. They will be talking about development in the area and the lack of funding for parks facilities in this county compared to others. You will be able to see the proposal for the park space on Old Military Road below Clover Creek Elementary.

The urban designated area in South Pierce County extends to 208th Street…

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