High winds Thursday & Saturday

From Pierce County Emergency Management:

The National Weather Service has issued a high wind watch which is in effect from 6pm Thursday evening, October 13, 2016 through the early hours of Friday morning, October 14, 2016. The high winds are anticipated to be 20-35 MPH with gusts from 45-55 MPH. The strong winds could break tree limbs and topple small trees. With the leaves falling from the trees, there may be urban flooding from clogged storm drains. We encourage you to safely keep storm drains clear of fallen leaves.
A second potentially stronger storm is likely to affect the region Saturday and Sunday. Predictions show that may bring heavier precipitation and even stronger winds than Thursday’s storm. The details of that storm are not certain at this time.
Pierce County Emergency Management will continue to monitor the situation. We encourage you to monitor local news and visit the NWS website:
http://www.weather.gov/seattle From


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