Bethel SD seeks sustained funding and support for homeless youth program 

BETHEL SCHOOL DISTRICT — Since 2005, the Bethel School District has partnered with local agencies – most recently Associated Ministries – to run a boys’ home and a girls’ home for students experiencing homelessness. Providing a safe place to live allows these students to work, study and complete their education. Many of our youth have graduated from high school, attended college, and found long-term employment. This program gives children a chance to have meaningful, successful and productive lives.

Because of budget cuts from Pierce County to Associated Ministries, both homes are scheduled to close on December 1, 2016. The Bethel School District is now looking for a long-term solution to keep the houses open, so students like the ones you’ll meet in this video can continue their education and won’t end up out on the streets this winter.— 


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