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I am on my way to work and am dropping this quickly. Apologies for the rough draft of this resolution.

Resolution No. R2016-150 Page 1 of 4 Pierce County Council 930 Tacoma Ave S, Rm 1046 Tacoma, WA 98402


Sponsored by: Councilmembers Connie Ladenburg and Derek Young 1

Requested by: Executive/Planning and Land Services 2



RESOLUTION NO. R2016-150 5



A Resolution of the Pierce County Council Supporting the “Urban 8 Communities of Pierce” Report and Implementation Actions 9 (October 2016), and Directing County Departments to 10 Incorporate the Recommendations Into Future Efforts to 11 Strategically Invest and Prioritize County Resources to 12 Prepare for, and Support, Planned Growth Within the Central 13 Urban Growth Area. 14


Whereas, the Growth Management Act (GMA) requires Pierce County and its 16 cities and towns to plan for projected needs based upon projected population growth in 17 the Land Use, Housing, Capital Facilities, and Transportation elements of a jurisdiction’s 18 comprehensive plan; and 19


Whereas, the unincorporated urban areas are planned to accommodate an 21 additional 60,000 people within the County’s urban growth area between 2010 and 22 2030; and 23


Whereas, the GMA requires the Puget Sound region to adopt multi-county 25 planning policies; and 26


Whereas, the multi-county planning policies are written policy statements which 28 establish a regional framework that provides consistency in addressing strategies to 29 accommodate the planned growth and development within the Puget Sound region; and 30


Whereas, the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) is the regional authority to 32 adopt multi-county planning policies for the central Puget Sound region; and 33


Whereas, the PSRC adopted VISION 2040 as the central Puget Sound region’s 35 multi-county planning policies in 2008; and 36


Whereas, the Pierce County Comprehensive Plan is required to be consistent 38 with VISION 2040; and 39


Whereas, the Pierce County Council adopted Resolution No. R2016-79s in 41 response to a “conditional” certification of the Pierce County Comprehensive Plan by 42 the Puget Sound Regional Council; and 43


Whereas, Resolution No. R2016-79s supports strategies that encourage and 45 support future annexation and incorporation of unincorporated urban areas; and 46


Resolution No. R2016-150 Page 2 of 4 Pierce County Council 930 Tacoma Ave S, Rm 1046 Tacoma, WA 98402

Whereas, VISION 2040 directs the development of compact urban communities 1 that have diversity of housing, high connectivity, and provide for multi-modal 2 transportation; and 3


Whereas, the Pierce County Countywide Planning Policies state that policies 5 which encourage infill and revitalization of communities would help to achieve the 6 regional and statewide objectives of a compact and concentrated development pattern 7 within urban areas; and 8


Whereas, focusing growth in compact urban communities helps protect natural 10 resource lands and directs growth away from rural areas; and 11


Whereas, the Pierce County Comprehensive Plan, and community plans 13 encompassing the urban area, include policies that support compact development 14 within specific corridors; and 15


Whereas, the Pierce County Comprehensive Plan calls for public spending for 17 facilities, services, and open space to be focused within the urban area to promote 18 efficient use of public improvements and services, and enhance community diversity 19 and livability; and 20


Whereas, in October 2015, the Pierce County Executive began an Executive 22 Initiative to bring together participants from multiple County departments now referred to 23 as the “Urban Communities of Pierce”; and 24


Whereas, Pierce County Planning and Land Services presented this Executive 26 Initiative at the October 19, 2015, Community Development Committee meeting; and 27


Whereas, the “Urban Communities of Pierce” focuses on the central urban 29 growth area; and 30


Whereas, the intention of the “Urban Communities of Pierce” Initiative is to 32 collectively identify the challenges of urbanization, and map out a path on how to 33 channel County resources to overcome them; and 34


Whereas, the “Urban Communities of Pierce” Initiative does not recommend any 36 changes to the boundaries or development regulations associated with designated rural 37 areas; and 38


Whereas, strategically targeted public infrastructure investments can stimulate 40 private investment in areas that the County and citizens would like to be redeveloped; 41 and 42


Whereas, investments in the urban area also benefits residents in the rural area; 44 and 45


Whereas, public infrastructure investments in the rural area may continue to be 47 necessary for public health and safety; and 48

Resolution No. R2016-150 Page 3 of 4 Pierce County Council 930 Tacoma Ave S, Rm 1046 Tacoma, WA 98402

Whereas, the redevelopment of corridors and establishment of local centers 1 contribute to the economic viability for future annexation and incorporation proposals; 2 and 3


Whereas, a public investment in upfront environmental review (Planned Action/ 5 Programmatic SEPA) can stimulate private investment in areas that the County would 6 like to be redeveloped; and 7


Whereas, strategic planning and prioritization of County resources may entice 9 private investment; and 10


Whereas, one department cannot independently make decisions that lead to a 12 successful strategy for the redevelopment of corridors within the urban area; and 13


Whereas, department collaboration is needed to overcome challenges 15 associated with future growth and development in the urban area; and 16


Whereas, strategic public investment leads to a better place to live, work, and 18 play in the urban area and alleviates growth pressure in the rural areas; Now 19 Therefore, 20


BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of Pierce County: 22


Section 1. The Pierce County Council supports the “Urban Communities of 24 Pierce” Report and Implementation Actions (October 2016). 25


Section 2. The Pierce County Council supports the continued collaboration 27 between County departments in the implementation of strategies that proactively direct 28 growth in compact centers and along the urban corridors. 29


Section 3. The Pierce County Council directs the appropriate County 31 departments to, at a minimum, work together in completing the Report’s Implementation 32 Actions in an effort to strategically invest and prioritize County resources to entice 33 private investment to support planned growth within the urban area. 34


Section 4. The Pierce County Council directs each County department to identify 36 and forward County policy or regulatory changes that are necessary to successfully 37 implement each of the Report’s identified implementation actions. 38



Resolution No. R2016-150 Page 4 of 4 Pierce County Council 930 Tacoma Ave S, Rm 1046 Tacoma, WA 98402

Section 5. The Pierce County Council directs the appropriate County 1 departments to include in all future budget preparations, the allocation of funds for 2 strategic investments in the central urban growth area. 3


ADOPTED this day of , 2016.


Pierce County, Washington 9

Denise D. Johnson                                       Douglas G. Richardson 13

Clerk of the Council                                                         Council Chair14


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