Events at the TRIAD Theater in Yelm

THE TRIAD THEATER is located at 102 Yelm Ave East in Yelm.
Doors open 30 minutes prior to Showtime except where noted.
Quik Klicks:  JAN Calendar;  The Triad Website; Triad FACEBOOK Page;   Kissy Flick LIVE Concert Tickets; Intro to Theater Acting Class; Stage Struck Children’s Theater;
Friday, Jan 6th – Documentary – Investigating the Flat Earth Theory.  Come and decide for yourself.  Starts at 7pm for $8. Pay at the door.
Saturday Jan 7th – Movie – John Booreman’s “Emerald Forrest” – American Bill Markham (Powers Boothe) has taken his family to the jungles of Brazil, where he has been hired to design a dam. Unexpectedly, a native tribe abducts his son, Tommy (Charley Boorman). Bill spends an entire decade looking for Tommy, only to discover that the boy has adopted the ways of the indigenous people he’s been living with. Bill tries to convince his son to return to his family, but their reunion is interrupted when another group of natives attacks Tommy’s tribe.  Starts at 7pm for $8. Pay at the door.
Tuesday, Jan 10th – Don’t forget to come get your weekly updates in January – Every Tuesday night this month – as Scott Mowry fills us in on happenings all around the globe!!   Starts at 7pm for $10. Pay at the door.
Tuesday, Jan 12th – Poets/Songwriters are back to share their creativity.  Come bring your favorites to the stage, or sit in the audience and listen – your choice.  Starts at 7pm for $5. Pay at the door.
Friday, Jan 13th – Documentary – Fascinating reveal from 94 year old insider William Tompkins about the Secret Space Program.  Starts at 7pm for $8. Pay at the door.
Saturday, Jan 14th – Documentary – “The Connected Universe” explores the connection of all things in the Universe.  Narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart (Capt. Jean-Luc Picard) . Starts 7pm, Cost $8.  Pay at the door.

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