Computers, Robots & Art

SPANAWAY, WA — iPads, computers, robots and kids filled Bethel High School on Saturday, January 21. In the gym, 5th to 8th grade students were battling each other with precision robot moves. Others were demonstrating math learning programs on iPads that have teachers raving about the results. Teachers were showing off how those math and science programs feed data to their assessment tools. Overall, it was fun and they were doing math!

You will hear these terms often around public schools these days:

CTE – career & technical education

STEM – science, technology, engineering & math

So many amazing advances in education for science and math in school since computers have become so much easier and less expensive to use . The Bethel technology levy’s passage has been a boon to teachers at all levels. Kids as young as two can pick up and use an iPad program. The elementary schools are engaging many students who might otherwise have become bored at school. At Innovations 2017, the Bethel District was demonstrating this to the public.

Over near the office, the Pierce Prairie Post was showing historic photos of Spanaway, Kapowsin and Ruth Bethel dedicating the high school site in 1949. In the cafeteria, amazing drawings, paintings and sculptures graced the room. All were works of art produced by students across the district.




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