GKCC seeks sponsors for March 4 event

The Graham Kapowsin Community Council is seeking donations and/or sponsorships for their ‘Feed the Children’ Fundraiser event on March 4, 2017 at the Graham Elementary School, located at 10026 204th Street, E., Graham, WA 98338.

This is GKCC’s 14th year of raising money to support this program. All the money raised for this event goes right back into the program so backpacks can be filled with food.  Some children and their families do not have access to food, so we do our best to make sure they have nutritious and hot food for the weekend.

Please feel free to check out our website (g-kcc.org), so you can see what provisions are being done for the children, their families and also support from the community.  This is a very worthwhile project, which offers valuable resources for those in need. There are a variety of ways to support GKCC and their programs.

Carol is the CEO of G-KCC.org, which is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization. She will very happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about any of the GKCC Programs. We started our Back Pack Program as a result of the need to feed homeless children in this part of South Pierce County, as bus service is not available. We would take 3-4 back packs out to each of the schools in the Bethel School District but then the need became so great that now we take Power Packs, as we can no longer afford 200 back packs each week! The Power Packs have nutritious food items that the children can fix themselves, as many of the parents are not even able to cook for them in homeless situations and are scrambling to survive each day. Fortunately, we have a very generous community and food is coming in but not all that food fits with the Power Packs. Just yesterday we got an urgent message that water was needed so Carol took over her water late in the day. Justin, our Mayor Pro Temp, said the community really rallied together to help those in need! Please feel free to call Carol Wright @ 253-279-3071 if you want to discuss this project further!

Mission statement: To enhance and enrich the greater Graham area by engaging the community through education, activities & programs that foster self-esteem, self-reliance & empowerment. By developing these paths, our neighbors will be enabled to make positive choices through individualized attention, motivation & guidance. Dedicated to building a strong, united, diverse economic cultural and social environment.

The Graham-Kapowsin Community Council provides enrichment programs in this underserved rural community of South Pierce County. Now our energies are going toward feeding homeless and at-risk students. Funds raised at our 2017 ‘Feed the Children’ Fundraiser event on March 4, will go towards the Power Pack Program. Whereas, we started by giving 3-4 back packs a week we are now giving out over 200 Power Packs a week because of the extreme poverty in this rural part of South Pierce County. Each pack costs around $8.00 times 200 that’s $1600/week times 52 weeks a year that’s $83,000./year. This is an ongoing process and takes the extended efforts of a lot of people and agencies involved in making this happen.  Your generous donation will certainly make a difference in these children’s lives.

Sponsor Funds: We estimate each Power Pack cost around$8. (Justin Henderson, our Mayor Pro Temp, is now responsible for this program <justin@churchatcedarsprings.com>).  Here is the cost of some of the items that are placed in the Power Packs…..
Instant Oatmeal:  About $2.50 per box
Chef Boyardee pop top cans (or like protein filled, easily prepped food) as low as $.88 a can
Mac & Cheese (or like pasta items): about $1 per box
Fruit cups: $2 – $3 per box of 4 cups
Granola Bars:  About $3 per box
Kid Beverages (water, PowerAde, juice boxes):  less than $1 per bottle
Snacks of all kinds: cost depends on the snacks (pudding cups, Oreo packets, fruit snacks etc.)


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