Spanaway removed from Historic Preservation Grants

Proposal No. R2017-121: A Resolution of the Pierce County Council Approving the 2018 Pierce County Historic Preservation Grant Fund Disbursement as Recommended by the Pierce County Landmarks and Historic Preservation Commission.

The commission removed the Spanaway Community Association proposal for historic road signs. Spanaway, as a community altered after the Growth Management Act and losing its original community character proposed to have some of its history preserved just as other communities in Pierce County have been allowed through county funds. This hearing on November 14 at 3:00 p.m. is the last chance to convince the county council to approve the additional grant request. The funds ARE available according to the original committee, yet the chopped it off anyway.

Call or email your councilperson immediately if you feel it should be restored and funded.

Exhibit 1 A to Resolution No. R2017-121

 Council  District Building Applications – Ranked In Order Funded Amount
2 Northpoint Cooperative Preschool–Plumbing Replacement $15,000
7 PenMet Parks Arletta School-Roof & Trim Replacement $15,000
2 Points NE Historical Society–Generator Bldg Restoration $11,700
6 Steilacoom Historical Society–Orr House/Wagon Shop Windows $12,000
6 Pacific Lutheran University-Harstad Hall Masonry Restoration $15,000
4 Kilcup/Rebecca House 224 N Yakima Ave-Window Repair $15,000
4 Knights of Pythias 926-½ Broadway- LED Light Replacement $ 2,000
7 Fox Island Chapel Preservation Society-Floor Replacement $ 9,013
TOTAL $94,713

Council District Non-Building Applications – Ranked In Order Funded Amount
4 Tacoma Historical Society- Collection Care/On-Line Catalog $4,990
7 Gig Harbor Peninsula Historical Society-Shenandoah Restoration $5,000
County Wide History Ink- Writing Our History: Pierce County History On-Line $5,000
County Wide Shanaman Sports Museum–Pierce Co. Sports History Narrative $5,000
4 Pierce County Superior Court- Courthouse History Project $5,000
7 Key Peninsula Historical Society- Collection Care Storage $3,000
7 Slavonian American Benevolent Society: Preserving Our Heritage $5,000
TOTAL $32,990


Council District Projects Not Recommended for Funding-Ranked in Order if Funding Available
4 Historic Tacoma-Narrative Plaques & Pedestals (non-bldg) $4,791
2 McMillin School/Grange #848-Entry Hall Restoration (bldg) $4,061
4 Buffalo Soldiers Museum: Honoring Past/Embracing Future (non-bldg) $5,000
 3 Spanaway Community Assn– Historic Road Names (non-bldg) $4,895
6 Lakewood Historical Society–Historic Marker/Research (non-bldg) $3,000
TOTAL $21,747

 Council District Projects Removed From Consideration by Applicant/LHPC-Requested Amount
3 Forterra-Wildlife Preserve Barn – Roof Repairs – Applicant Removal $10,675
4 Tacoma Mausoleum & Mortuary – Roof Stabilization – LHPC Removal $15,000
TOTAL $25,675



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