South Pierce County History Presentation


On March 14, 2018, Pierce Prairie Post Editor, Marianne Lincoln will be presenting to the University Place Historical Society on South Pierce County History at Windmill Village 3715 Bridgeport Way w., University Place, wa. 98466 building D2. Starting with the Graham Community Plan in 2004, Marianne went “all in” to learning as much as possible about the local area south of 112th Street.

Pierce County’s Crossroads

In the early 19th Century, Lewis County, Oregon Territory encompassed all of what is now Western Washington. Starting with the settlement of Fort Nisqually and followed by an influx of Americans seeking Donation Land Claims, the South Puget Sound area became a battle for ownership of the land once only inhabited by American Indians. Marianne Lincoln has been working with descendants of those early settlers and local indigenous families to learn more of their stories and the real early history of Pierce County Washington.

Lincoln became historian for the group call Descendants of Fort Nisqually Employees Association and along with collecting family stories and see artifacts, has gone on may photo adventures around the area. This presentation will be about the nexus of those three groups, the American Settlers, the British settlers and the local Indian people between 1832 and 1871.



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  1. Kelly Johnson says:

    This sounds interesting, Marianne. What is the start time?

    Kelly Johnson

  2. wwmtblog says:

    This starts at 7pm

  3. Valerie Reed says:

    so that way al the beads it was Day Island cost to the Indians of Washington that the land claim came

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