One lane Pacific Avenue? AKA How to destroy a community


HCRT[Editorial story]

Remember the train accident in January that close I-5 near the Nisqually River? Remember the traffic that followed through Roy, Spanaway and Parkland? There is no doubt, SR-7 through Spanaway and Parkland is an alternate route to the I-5 freeway.

With that in mind, consider making Pacific Avenue only one lane each direction. The is precisely what Pierce Transit is considering in its Rapid Transit Plan. The other lane would be dedicated to bus service.

Yes, Pierce Transit may actually think the only place we travel from this community is into Tacoma and back. Sadly, that could not be farther from the truth. We actually go everywhere, north, south, east and west to visit friends and family, play attend school, shop and work. If they shut off a lane on this very busy arterial, you know the neighborhoods are going to be backed up with cars. Just who do they think are going to ride those buses that only go to Tacoma?

It seems it was only a few short years ago we were riding horses around Spanaway. Now they are building houses as if they are trying to create mid-town Manhattan, (a clear violation of the Growth Management Act) and send our community to rapid transit and overgrowth. Why? Because we are a less expensive alternative to Seattle real estate prices.

Here is the link to the proposal. Please look and comment and call your representatives at all levels about the changes to our community. Who is in charge here anyway? Is this a quality of life you want?

Here is the link to the letter from Pierce Transit. As we understand it at this time, WSDOT, who controls jurisdiction on the highway, has not been consulted either.

Tuesday, March 27, 4 to 7 p.m.
Spanaway Middle School Cafeteria/Commons,  15701 B St. E., Tacoma

Wednesday, March 28, 4 to 7 p.m.
Garfield Book Company Community Room,  208 Garfield St. S. #101, Tacoma

Thursday, March 29, 4 to 7 p.m.
UW Tacoma William W. Phillip Hall
Jane Thompson Russell Student Commons, Room WPH 101A,  1918 Pacific Ave., Tacoma

This link is to the entire project.

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  1. Why aren’t they thinking about C Street instead. It is much more pedestrian friendly.

  2. Kelly Johnson says:

    That’s a good point, Marianne, to consider using C Street. Didn’t the old streetcar line used to go down Park and C?

  3. Radar says:

    I think you have your facts wrong. Please tell us exactly where we’ll find a mention of lane closures on Pacific Avenue. Maybe I missed it, but I read through Pierce Transit’s information, and saw nothing of the sort. Jumping to wild conclusions, maybe? I’m as willing as anyone to sharpen the pitch fork, but only for real problems.

    1. Maybe, maybe not. The last time Pierce Transit had an opportunity for people to come out and see their proposal, no one but me showed up. I challenge you to go there and see what they are proposing and prove me wrong.
      What I do know is the was a huge fight regarding the right of way when WSDOT planned for the sidewalks. The battle took years. I don’t expect everyone to roll over easily this time either, especially since many of those small businesses have already lost their access and parking space.

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