Graham Library intersection

If you drive on 224th Street in Graham past the library, no doubt you have occasionally been stuck in traffic when the road was blocked by an accident.

224th Street is a county road outside of the urban growth boundary, therefore, it has no been slated for widening even though it bridges two state highways 2 high schools, 2 middle schools, three elementary school and two large shopping centers.

The dollar of personal property loss and injuries from accidents is not easily obtained, but as often as these occur, it surely is significant. Yet nothing had yet been done to improve the intersection and relieve the problem.

In speaking with Councilman Jim McCune’s office, we learned the intersection has been added to the county’s road plan. CRP 5819 is the project designation. Here is the link to the County’s site regarding the plan.

About the project

Currently, preliminary engineering for the project is taking place.  Alignments are being analyzed, storm drainage needs assessed, utility companies are being contacted, right-of-way needs are being determined, along with working out other project details.

The environmental studies and documentation for this project have been initated.

The Planned improvements to the intersection are intended to improve safety and traffic operations. Improvements include the following:

  • Installing a traffic signal system
  • Adding an eastbound left-turn lane and westbound left-turn and right-turn lanes at the 92nd Avenue East / 224th Street East intersection.
  • Adding a two-way left-turn lane west of 90th Avenue East and between 90th Avenue East and 92nd Avenue East.
  • Installing concrete curb, gutter, and sidewalk.
  • Installing an enclosed storm drainage system, as well as stormwater treatment and storage facilities.
  • Installing street lighting.

The more unfortunate part is the timeline. There is ample delay in the process (at least 3 years!) that we will surely endure more loss to life and property before the work takes place. Please, be careful out there!

Here is the timeline.

June 2016 to December 2018: Complete preliminary engineering, construction cost estimate, and preliminary right-of-way plans.

January 2019 to Early 2021: Right-of-way acquisition and final engineering.

Early 2021 to 2022:  Begin utility relocating and construction.


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