Toxic chemicals found on Brookdale site

The development of the Brookdale Golf Course and its associated historical assets has been controversial for many years. The presence of wagon ruts on the property was preserved by the golf course management, as well as the cemetery of its early settlers. Now officially sold to Ichijo USA Co. LTS of Redmond, the golf course developments is beginning to take place.

One of the issues with golf courses, is in their efforts over the years to maintain beautiful grass, they have likely employed many different chemicals to prevent pests of various kinds. Translated, that means the possible use of toxic chemicals. The Brookdale Golf Course soils were found to contain dieldrin. The state ecology department has offered a voluntary cleanup to the owners. {Link to documents.] In short, that means the state is not monitoring how the work is done or where the toxic soils are being disposed.

If you live close to the course, or care about the possible contamination of the Clover Creek water from stirring up this dieldrin, you may want to do a little reading on what this compound means in the air and water to which local humans and animals are exposed and the process they are proposing.

Here are some bits of information on dieldrin. First, the PDF file regarding the proposed voluntary cleanup plan: 2019-03-18 FINAL CAP On page one, 4th paragraph: “Surface and shallow subsurface soils on portions of the subject property are contaminated with the organochlorine pesticide dieldrin. It exceeds cleanup levels (CULs) on the greens, tees and around the trees on the property. Due to its higher prevalence than other toxics, it is considered the indicator hazardous substance (IHS) on the property. There will be a Health and Safety Plan for the property available to visitors to the site.  The  documents states the soil will be removed to “Hidden Hills Landfill” in Puyallup. (They obviously mean Hidden Valley Landfill, LRI.)

The report says they are not anticipating the need for any dewatering or storm water runoff issues, in spite of a nearby creek. This will be surface excavation as soil removal is required. It is toxic by contact with humans, so humans cannot live on it. [Sorry golfers, you may want to look dieldrin up too.]

Brookdale dieldrin chart

In regard to the disposal, site: “At waste disposal sites, where bioremediation techniques are proposed to reduce the mass of carbon-containing contaminants, there is the potential for augmenting the leaching properties of organochlorine compounds such as aldrin and dieldrin.  The lipid materials in bacterial cell membranes may lead to a repartitioning of aldrin and dieldrin sorbed to soil colloids.  This can lead to a phenomenon called facilitated transport where the mobility of hydrophobic pollutants adsorbed to soils may be enhanced by biosorption on bacteria and move into aquifers along with the bioremedial bacterial cultures (Lindqvist and Enfield 1992). ” [From ASTDR, Agency for Toxic Subdtances and Disease Registry]

What that said is – LRI will have to store it carefully as it could be released to the environment with indiscriminate storage procedures through exposure of this soil to lipids (fats). The lipids make it unbind from the soil and free itself into the environment.

As far as affecting humans and animals exposed through skin or respiratory exposure, the principal issues seem to be central nervous system and possible blood related anemic impacts on high exposures. Here is the detailed report. Exposure to moderate levels of aldrin or dieldrin for a long time causes headaches, dizziness, irritability, vomiting, or uncontrollable muscle movements.

To make this long story shorter, Dieldrin is nasty stuff that is now banned and they have to remediate it from the property. This is a self-monitored remediation, not government monitored. if  you live in the vicinity, you may want to do more research and ask question on your behalf as it can get released into the air and water if not handled properly, here or at the dumping site.








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  1. Sally Boyle says:

    Thank you for posting such detailed important information regarding this development. As a water quality monitor of Clover Creek , raised in the area, as was my father who fished the creek as a boy in the late 30’s +early 40’s, it is terribly upsetting.

  2. Paul Carlson says:

    Are there any game-fish in Clover Creek? I doubt that there are. I haven’t fished it thoroughly enough to be confident I’m right, but I’d be willing to bet there isn’t a single trout in it.

  3. Cassie says:

    My house is right next to the golf course. I have three young children. How do I go about assuring the safety of my family due to these circumstances?

  4. This is really sad to hear about. The fact that the hazardous chemicals are there and the clean up is not being monitored makes me really nervous about this! And they will just be moving it to a different Pierce County site where it can also cause damage to the ecosystem! I hope that the neighbors will be able to help with keeping an eye on things.I love the history about this site and wish that there was a way to preserve those old wagon ruts! Thanks, Marianne for keeping us abreast on the Brookdale non golf course development.

  5. Marianne Lincoln says:

    From Cindy Beckett:
    This is more than serious! Dieldrin is a deadly substance that was banned outright by EPA in 1987. This chemical was used all over this golf course for many, many years, as golf courses have a history of using it. It has a half-life in the soil of 60 years and causes great damage to frogs, salamanders, et al, and the creatures like the Herons there who eat them can lost their ability to reproduce. It causes great harm to fish and humans. As the Clover flows all the way to Chambers Bay, this is not just an on site concern, it can get to the Orcas too. This county allowed the developer to do “voluntary cleanup”, which means no oversight at all. No one was required to test the entire site, they are only selecting a few T boxes. Once they clear the entire site for development, removing every blade of grass from both sides of the Clover, nothing will stop this nasty chemical from washing down to the creek, and literally no one is in charge. Speak out about this and let this county know this is absolutely unacceptable.

  6. Al Schmauder, 253-202-2486 says:

    I am very concerned about how the creek and its buffer area will be “protected”. Jordan Rash (former FORTERA area manager) and I met with the previous owner about 2 years ago. We wanted to have FORTERA purchase the critical area. The owner wanted to put the land into a parcel to be cared for by the HOA. This is a very bad idea. HOA’s have little money or expertise in caring for critical areas. Now that both Jordan and the prior owner have left the scene, we need to restart this discussion.

  7. Terry Hurd says:

    The health of the creek has been studied by PLU students for years but this issue has not been mentioned. As the creek flows to the sea it passes thru several areas where sediments settle. There are several aqueduct life forms that people catch and consume for food. This creek is part of our aquifer recharge system with many wells drawing water down from the surface. Most of our potable water come from these aquifers. Is this part of the reason Pierce County has so many people with nervous system failures?

  8. Sally Gregovich says:

    I grew up in Mayfair with several friends that have got strange cancer throughout the year starting with multiple my Loma which six people in that little neighborhood next to the golf course have a one in 1 million brain cancer tumor oh my God several others in the Mayfair area more than serious you got to be kidding me if you have any information on anybody that grew up in Mayfair that has or died of any strange cancers would you please bring it forth so we can know about it I think it’s more than coincidence that this cancer that is so rare that maybe 200,000 cases around the globe a year more than five people in the neighborhood got it and the same goes for the strange brain tumors

    1. Lincoln says:

      I had a friend in Mayfair who had MS.

    2. Lincoln says:

      Might be time to ask a lawyer…

  9. Lincoln says:

    Here is another article on Dieldren at a Florida Golf course and local cancer cases:

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