Bethel Director District 4 – Open for Applicants

Bethel School Board member Amy Pivetta Hoffman of Director District 4, has resigned her post. This leaves and opening for a new Bethel School Board member. You must reside in District 4 to be eligible.

Anyone residing in District 4 may apply for appointment to the board. A map is included in the application packet. Applications for Director District 4 will be accepted by the board through 4 p.m. on February 15, 2020 at the School District Office.

The person appointed to this position will serve until the regular school board election in November of 2021. Learn more and apply at

All Director District maps are at this link.

Director District 4View map
Starting at the intersection of school district and Kapowsin Creek. Southwest along Kapowsin Creek to 264th St. West on 264th St to 118th Ave. South on 118th Ave to 272nd St. West on 272nd St to 114th Ave. South on 114th Ave to 280th St. West on 280th St to Meridian. North on Meridian to 274th St. West on 274th St to 86th Ave. North on 86th Ave to 254th St. East on 254th St to 94th Ave. North on 94th Ave to 232nd St. West on 232nd St to 86th Ave. North on 86th Ave to 224th St. West on 224th St to 62nd Ave. North on 62nd Ave to 212th St. East on 212th St to 66th Ave. North on 66th Ave to Knoble Rd. Southeast on Knoble Rd to 204th St. East on 204th St to 70th Ave. North on 70th Ave to 192nd St. East on 192nd St to 78th Ave. North on 78th Ave to 182nd St. East on 182nd St to school district boundary. South following school district boundary to the point of the beginning.Bethel DDist 4


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