Community Members Sought for Land Use – Parkland, Spanaway & Midland

You are needed. Land use is not everyone’s cup of tea, at least until that big noisy business builds next door and you can’t sleep at night or, your view of the lake or mountain disappears. Yet, someone must speak out; someone must keep vigilant. This area is growing rapidly and the Land Use Advisory Committee (LUAC) now called PSM Advisory Commission (PSMAC) is critical to keeping things realistic.Document

The Parkland-Spanaway-Midland Advisory Commission (PSMAC) typically meets at 6:30 p.m. on the third Wednesday of every month (case dependent). The meetings are held at various locations throughout the community, often at the Parkland Fire Station, Sprinker Rec. Center or the Southeast Tacoma Community Center in Midland.
Three (3) openings exist on the committee. I each for Parkland, Spanaway and Midland. Here is the application link:   Application  Please apply. Understand, the County Council has to approve it.

The PSMAC position is a two year commitment once a month or less, depending on if any developer asks for a variance from the community plan. Most developments never have a hearing, they are automatically approved if they stay within the community plan outlines. All you may ever see is a yellow sign on the property with an application number. You can look those up at this permit search link.


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