WRITE to your County Council

3 p.m. in the afternoon on Tuesdays is the regular meeting time of the Pierce County Coucil Districts 2020Council. Most of us at working at that time of day or are stuck in traffic and cannot be in downtown Tacoma a the Council Office even when we seriously want to complain about an action they are taking.

The few of us that show up are usually told, where is the outrage, there is almost no one here. Another way of saying, just the usual suspects are present. It is possible we are the only ones who want to get our faces on the air and our feet in the dirt of politics in Pierce County.

If you care also, please help us all out by writing, not only to your own councilperson, but all of them. They really don’t share information between offices. Email them. Tell them what you think about the roads, the housing, the taxes, the new development next door, the lack of parks, and pretty much everything, because you don’t have a mayor or city council to tell this to.

Of 7 members, only 1 represents you and that is not a majority vote. If change needs to happen, tell them all! If  your particular councilmember is weak on an issue, that helps too. Find the ones you agree with and lobby them as well. They love the support. Note: catch their ordinances and resolutions while they are in committee, before final council votes, it is more effective and amendments can happen.

Remember to include your contact information and ask for a reply.

Here is the council agenda link and emails.

Pierce County Council, 2020
Connie Ladenburg  cladenb@co.pierce.wa.us;

Pam Roach  pam.roach@co.pierce.wa.us;

Doug Richardson  douglas.richardson@co.pierce.wa.us;

Derek Young  derek.young@co.pierce.wa.us;

Jim McCune   jmccune@co.pierce.wa.us;

Dave Morrell  Dave.Morell@piercecountywa.gov;

Marty Campbell  Marty.Campbell@piercecountywa.gov


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