Halloween World 2020

By Marianne Lincoln

Driving around Parkland, Spanaway and Frederickson on the eve of Halloween, it doesn’t seem like very many residents are into the “spirit” this year. As I looked deeper, there are still “die” hard fans of the holiday dotted around the neighborhoods. It was a windy day, some air filled characters seemed to be “lying” around on the job, others bobbed and “wriggled,” and a few were left gasping for air which was let out during the day.

My favorite of the day, an old fashioned skeleton horse drawn hearse in a newer development off 22nd Avenue.

Some yards were truly busy with ghouls of all kinds popping up from the grass, trees and fences.

Among the ghouls, were some characters which were pretty awesome.

And other years had decor that scored on a cuteness scale.

If you have Facebook, you can take a look at the album with all the photos from the day’s excursion through Halloween World 2020.


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