SR162 Roundabout and changes need community input

The following information is from Rick Jones of the SR162 commuter group. SR162 runs from Carbonado and Wilkeson through South Prairie, to Orting and Sumner.

Hello! I represent a group trying to steer our WSDOT (Washington State Department of Transportation) in their SR162 improvement plan. We have been working on this for approximately 2 years. We have spoke with our representatives both in Olympia and at our Pierce County Council. We have also met with officials at the Tehelah Development, our WSDOT as well as local HOA’s.

We have now created an online petition that we will be bringing when we again meet with our representatives in Olympia. So, we are asking everyone who uses SR162 between Orting and Sumner in any way shape or fashion to join us in signing our petition.

We have 9 major reasons we are doing this which can be found at our web site. Our petition is also at the web site. This is the first supporting reason for our concern as to how our DOT is planning to ‘improve SR162…

Reason #1 to Sign the Petition to Challenge Roundabouts with the website link… 1. Barrier to northbound traffic: inadequate space to change lanes in heavy traffic to pass through northbound. Barrier to northbound traffic from Orting: During the extended evening commute hours particularly, when traffic is heaviest, there will be no break in the traffic coming from the north traveling around the roundabout to head east on 128th. Northbound traffic must enter the roundabout and move to the inside lane to travel north and not forced onto 128th Street. That lane change must happen in a very short distance in this heavy traffic. Accidents and angry tempers are bound to happen in this scenario. A signaled intersection allows all travelers assurance of safe access to their desired direction.

* * * * * * * * The SR162 Community Group site

An additional site, the group refers to it as a SWAY site, is about the Tehaleh Highway.

Growth in Pierce County is happening at a rapid rate. Infrastructure will have to be updated to accommodate the population increase. It is important to weigh in on the need and the ideas that are proposed to keep things running as smoothly as possible.


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