Festive and Fun! Our holiday lights

Christmas lights are a cheerful product of the season. While Earthlings in the Northern Hemisphere are going through the shortest days of the year, the bright and cheerful lights help brighten both the darkness and our moods.

The Frederickson area has a very special computer software engineer whose delight turned to programming Christmas lights at his family home five years ago. Jeremy and Brenda Decker have been sharing their Christmas light display with the neighborhood, steadily expanding it over the years. This past year another 12,000 lights were added and information about the display is on the Decker Family Holiday Lights Facebook page. Still photos don’t do justice to the experience which includes motion lights times to music.

Jeremy, who has worked at Boeing and Nordstrom as a software engineer and security specialist, enjoys tinkering with animatronics and light displays. He also works on a local Haunted House, but was not able to operate it this year. The festivities include appearances of Santa for kids to take photos with, presents for kids and a collection barrel for donations to a local food bank. From the posts, it appears the events wrapped up on December 23 this year. But it is certain to be back again next year, better than ever if we can freely associate again as the pandemic gets under control.

Everywhere around Parkland, Spanaway and Frederickson people were putting up their lights early, whether it was free time or the sadness of our tough year, the cheerfulness was helpful. Here are a few wonderful decorations the editor found in her travels. Thank you to everyone who took the time to brighten the nights!


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