Impact fee increases in 2021

In the unincorporated urban portions of Pierce County, we are well aware of the need for infrastructure. To help with the impacts of all the new construction, the county charges impact fees. The builders hate them, but the new property taxes on a home don’t kick in for over a year and their cars on on the roads, the news kids are attending schools, and the additional people have accidents and incidents for which our fire and police must respond.

Here is the notice from Pierce County Planning and Public Works:

We anticipate a rush of applications before the fee changes take effect, so now is the time to submit your application. Please note, you will be vested for the 2020 fees only at the time of payment, not application submittal.

The following adjustments take effect on February 1, 2021:
School Impact FeesOrdinance 2020-124
  • School impact fees will increase by up to $75 for single family-dwellings and by up to $40 for multi-family dwelling units consistent with the Construction Cost Index (CCI), for most of the school districts in unincorporated Pierce County.

Park Impact FeesOrdinance 2020-123

  • Park impact fees will increase by $87 consistent with the Construction Cost Index (CCI) and Building Cost Index in unincorporated Pierce County.

Traffic Impact Fees

  • Traffic impact fees for residential construction will increase by 9.66% above the rates that have been in effect since February 2017.
  • View the full Pierce County Transportation Impact Fee Schedule.

Building Permit Fees

  • Commercial building permit fees will increase by 2% in 2021.
  • Residential building permit fees will not increase in 2021.
  • Reminder: Building Code changes also take effect on February 1, 2021.

Development Center Processing FeesOrdinance 2019-91 (Exhibit B)

  • Fee schedule changes resulted in minor increases and decreases in permit fees throughout Planning & Public Works.

Sewer Connection Charges 

  • Sewer connection charges will also be updated on February 1st. We will send a third notice when rates have been published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on January 13th.

If you need assistance with your online application or payment, please send a message to Ask the Development Center.


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  1. alyce warren says:

    Thank you for all the local information and keeping us up to date on changes!

    Alyce Warren
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  2. terry hurd says:

    Why is it that any new development must have curbs sidewalks and storm water control but all new Pierce County sewer projects are exempt from what developers must put in? Look at any project, water over roads, no sidewalks and no curbs is normal for PC doing the very least in infrastructure for the densification of our communities. terry

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    1. Lincoln says:

      Point well taken. The County does not held itself to the same standards, leaving us behind.

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