Washington State Legislature 2021 Session

By Marianne Lincoln, 2-17-2021

The Washington State Legislature is currently in its long session, which typically ends in the third week of April. Bills that are being considered this year can be found here.

If you have a concern about a state issues or a bill being considered, you can find the list of contacts on this link.

If you do not know your district, here is a link to the maps that the Pierce County Auditor keeps. I have listed the districts for the South Pierce County Area that the Post typically covers, but you can find the others using the links.

Remember to reach out and be heard. Many of our south Pierce County legislators are relatives new, so you should lean more about them and follow their votes on this link. Always keep in mind, if a legislator votes in a way that is contrary to their usual position on an issue, reach out and ask about it. Do not just trust the news. There may have been an attachment or amendment to the legislation that was simply not worth voting for on that occasion. As them, do not count on nasty posts or mailer for the true story. Being in contact keeps you informed.


Barkis, Andrew (R) District 02 Position 1 [LEG 122D] (360) 584-9846 andrew.barkis@leg.wa.gov
Legislative Assistant Sanné, Kaden kaden.sanne@leg.wa.gov

Wilcox, J.T. (R) District 02 Position 2 [LEG 335C] (253) 329-5194 jt.wilcox@leg.wa.gov [Minority Leader]
Legislative Assistant Lewis, Tammi tammi.lewis@leg.wa.gov

Chambers, Kelly (R) District 25 Position 1 [JLOB 426] (360) 786-7948 kelly.chambers@leg.wa.gov
Legislative Assistant Hawkins, Dianna dianna.hawkins@leg.wa.gov

Jacobsen, Cyndy (R) District 25 Position2 [JLOB 405] (253) 449-8545 Cyndy.Jacobsen@leg.wa.gov
Legislative Assistant Yon, Bryan bryan.yon@leg.wa.gov

Leavitt, Mari (D) District 28 Position 1 [JLOB 330] (253) 256-0302 mari.leavitt@leg.wa.gov
Legislative Assistant Gilchrist, Barbara Barbara.Gilchrist@leg.wa.gov

Bronoske, Dan (D) District 28 Position 2 [JLOB 419] (360) 786-7958 Dan.Bronoske@leg.wa.gov
Legislative Assistant Way, Jennifer jennifer.way@leg.wa.gov

Morgan, Melanie (D) District 29 Position 1 [JLOB 417] (360) 786-7906 melanie.morgan@leg.wa.gov
Legislative Assistant Harbaugh, Leslie leslie.harbaugh@leg.wa.gov

Kirby, Steve (D) District 29 Position 2 [LEG 437B] (360) 786-7996 steve.kirby@leg.wa.gov
Legislative Assistant Mason-Gillespie, Christel christel.gillespie@leg.wa.gov


McCune, Jim (R) District 02 [INB 105] (360) 786-7602 jim.mccune@leg.wa.gov
Smith, Matthew matthew.smith@leg.wa.gov

Gildon, Chris (R) District 25 [INB 110] (360) 786-7648 chris.gildon@leg.wa.gov
Elliott, Rachel Jo racheljo.elliott@leg.wa.gov

Nobles, T’wina (D) District 28 [JAC 226] (360) 786-7654 T’wina.Nobles@leg.wa.gov
Carrasquero, Danielle Danielle.Carrasquero@leg.wa.gov

Conway, Steve (D) District 29 [JAC 241] (360) 786-7656 steve.conway@leg.wa.gov
Lelli, Kimberlie kimberlie.lelli@leg.wa.gov
Suttle, Darci darci.suttle@leg.wa.gov


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