Aug. 30 Public Safety Meeting

PIERCE COUNTY — On Monday, August 30, 2021, 6 p.m., the Pierce County Council’s Public Safety Committee will hold its meeting in Frederickson at the new Cross Park meeting site. That is located at 4420 Military Road East.

Presentations include the Pierce County Department of Emergency Management sharing about emergency management and response in Pierce County, and the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department updating on the state of law enforcement in the county.

The meeting is being held in the community instead of its normal day and time at the County-City Building in Tacoma make it more convenient for residents to attend.

The meeting begins at 6 p.m.

Because this meeting is being held at the Frederickson Community Center, there is not the option to join with Zoom. Those who are unable to attend in person can watch it live on Pierce County TV at or on Comcast channel 22, Click! channels 22/522HD and Rainier Connect channels 20/513HD. The recording will also appear online the next day.

Please note, for adherence to the governor’s statewide mask mandate and the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department mask directive, facial coverings are required. Masks will be available at the door.

[Editor note: According to the Pierce County Sheriff Ed Troyer at the Parkland Community meeting last week, the Sheriff’s Department is short 33 officers in this area. Service levels are down and the jail is only being used for people committing serious crimes such are murder and assaults. Have you noticed more property crime lately? There is a revolving door when these folks are caught an charged. They are being released back into the community within a couple hours.]


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