Parkland School – Letter to the Editor


I was in attendance at the June 6th gathering at James Sales Elementary School.  I saw/heard a number of very passionate and some very logical statements by people of the Community of Parkland.  

I am also a Graduate of Parkland School and as such have many memories of my time there.  However I don’t feel the need to save Parkland School only because of my attendance there.  I feel that need because of the place that school building has held in the community for well over 100 years, and it’s being pretty much the last historically significant structure still standing in the community.  

That the PLU administration would eliminate The Community, secretly developing plans for the demise of Parkland School is astounding and lays waste to their statement in the latest issue of “Resolute” that “At PLU, equity begins with community”.  

There are many possibilities for public grants that might be available for the preservation and/or renovation of a building with the historical significance of Parkland School.  Apparently PLU, knowing the outcry that would accompany plans to demolish the school, chose to expend efforts to secretly sell it off to the highest bidder, rather than pursue means to be a real part of the community that has supported them during their entire existence here.  

To PLU:  Each year the local high schools hold graduation ceremonies at Olson Auditorium.  Over the decades how many of those graduates have chosen PLU as their college of choice?  Isn’t it the right time to listen to and give back to this community that has supported YOU for more than a century?

Mike Evans

Still a part of the community.


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