Parkland rallies to save their historic Parkland School

Saturday, June 11,2022, from 1 to 3 p.m., citizens of Parkland, Washington are waving signs and banners on Pacific Avenue at the corner of Pacific Avenue and 121st Street in protest of Pacific Luther University’s plans to un-list it as a state historic site and sell it to a developer who plans to demolish if doe a high-rise apartment complex.

Citizens have already raised concerns with their public officials at the County, State and Federal levels. They have also visited meetings of the Landmarks Commission and the County Council district meeting. The key meeting of the Landmarks Commission to decide the fate of this property is June21, 2022 at the Pierce County Annex at 6 p.m., in-person.

Parkland neighbors want to keep their historic school as it is a key to the beginning of the area. Built in 1908, the school symbolizes community. They are asking PLU to find someone who will help restore the building and bring community uses to the site.

Here are a few glimpses of their efforts.


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  1. Alyce Warren says:

    They need a sign “Save Parkland School” so people know what to do. The current signs are good start, but vague to what the problem is.

  2. Tony Holien says:

    How can I get involved. Went to 6 grade there and still live nearby. Disabled Vet now.
    Parkland School issue.

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