Comments by County Reviewers of the Tiny Homes Project in Spanaway

[Editor: This is information from the project site at Planning and Land Services and these are comments by County employees who are moving the project along as part of their jobs. Those of you who may want to make public comments, may find some of their comments useful information from which to ask questions.]

ReviewerPhoneDepartment Review DateReview TypeReview Status
Ken RiceFire Prevention Bureau12/28/2022Plan CheckNot applicable
Dara Kessler253-798-2584BIOLOGIST12/15/2022Plan CheckApproved
My apologies, it does not appear that I received an initiation for this meeting, as it was not on my calendar. A General Analysis Report and application are required for this application, to be prepared by a private consultant on the Pierce County Specialist List. The application type and fee is LGWR @ $1,825 for Pierce Counties application fee. There are also fish and wildlife indicators (streams), so a Water Type Verification (LGSV @ $1,250/2) is also required. Applicants get half off the lesser fee when both wetland and fish and wildlife review are required. Thank you. Dara S. Kessler Environmental Biologist 2 Planning & Public Works | Land Use and Environmental Review (253) 798-2584 | she, her | Planning and Public Works Website
Taran Bedi253-798-3082SEWER DIVISION11/29/2022Plan CheckApproved
Attending meeting. Point of Sewer Connection will be MH 11673. Gravity sewer extension will take place from said MH to the intersection of 10th Ave S and 174th St S. Corrosion Resistant MH and coating of existing MHs will be required since a low pressure force main system is being proposed. Each tiny home, if it remains single occupancy, will need to purchase 0.25 REs of capacity per unit. This 0.25 RE includes the shared shower, laundry, and kitchen facilities. If the existing house remains then it must connect and must purchase 1 RE of capacity. The other uses on site (i.e. barn, admin, maintenance facility, etc) will need to purchase capacity but how munch capacity will be determined during review. Sewer Connection Charges for the South Spanaway Lake area are $8,640 per RE ($4,927 per RE for the Basin Area charge and $3,713 per RE for the WWTP Capacity charge). These rates are good through the end of January 2023, on February 1, 2023 both rates will increase by the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue Average Annual CPI for 2022. Connection charges can be paid per phase but are due before building permit/sewer service permit issuance and not occupancy. Please make note that connection charges of future phases will depend on Basin Area and WWTP Capacity charges in effect at the time of capacity purchase.
Leigh McIntire253-548-6835HEALTH DEPT. – SEPTIC11/28/2022Plan CheckApproved
Project is being connected to Pierce County Sewer and Spanaway Water. The septic tank for the existing house will need to be properly decommissioned if the house is connected to sewer or removed, if an individual well serves the residence it will be to be decommissioned as well. If meals are being prepared for the residents in the kitchen then a commercial kitchen plan review and annual permit will be required, reviewed by the Health Department Food program. Other permits from the Food program may be required depending on scope, such as any temporary events or Farmers Market. On-site/Water: Leigh McIntire – Food: Christina Sherman –
Dennis Dixon253-798-3696FLOODPLAIN SERVICES11/28/2022Plan CheckApproved
The project is shown avoiding the mapped flood hazards except for the bridge crossing near Spanaway Loop Road. The flood hazard does not have a defined base flood elevation. If the bridge can clear span the floodplain, beyond what is reasonably safe from flooding, approximately above 335′ NAVD, then no flood study will be necessary. If development is proposed in the flood hazard area then a flood study and compensatory storage requirements will apply. A flood boundary delineation survey will be needed to verify the location of the floodplain in relation to the proposed development.
Robert Jenkins253-798-7016PLANNING-CURRENT/CODE11/28/2022Plan CheckApproved
Meeting was held on 11/28/22. The following are comments related to zoning and design standards: – A Conditional Use Permit (CUP) will be required when the code has been changed to allow Level 3 of the Shared Housing Village Use Type in the Residential Resource (RR) Zone. – Need to determine if the density is staying under 2 dwelling units per net developable acre. “Net developable acreage” is the result of gross site acreage minus any environmentally constrained land and any public right-of-way, private road or vehicle access easement, and shared access facility serving two or more lots. If the applicant wishes to obtain a density exceeding 2 and up to the maximum density of 3 dwelling units per net developable acre, the applicant will need to obtain additional density per one of the ways identified in 18A.15.020.E.1. If they go with a Planned Development District (PDD), per 18A.75.050.G.1., G.2. and G.3., a separate Conditional Use Permit application would not be required, per 18A.75.050.G.4. The applciant would still be required to address the Conditional Use Permit findings in 18A.75.030.B.1.a.-f. in addition to the PDD findings of 18A.75.050.K.1.-8. – Parking spaces will be required per 18A.35.040. since this is a unique site, you probably want to provide a parknig study per 18A.35.040.E. to determine the parking need. – The Countywide design standards of Chapter 18J.15 will be required as applicable. – 18J.15.020 – A minimum of 25% of the site needs to be retained in it’s natural condition – 18J.15.030 – Need to retain or replant a minimum of 30 tree units per net acre. Need to retain a min. of 30% of significant trees – 18J.15.040 – A 20-foot wide L3 landscape buffer will be required between the development and the abutting singl-efamily lots to the north. Existing vegetation can be used to meet this standard. An 8-foot L2 landscape buffer will be required along Spanway Loop Road. – 18J.15.080 – Parking lot design standards will apply – 18J.15.090 – Parking lot landscape standards will apply – 18J.15.070 – Any open storm drainage facilities will need to comply with these standards – 18J.15.180 – Recreational areas are required if there is the equivalent of 31 or more dwelling units. – 18J.15.185 – The residential architectural standards may apply, per 18J.15.185.A.5. and F. – Additional compatibility measures with surrounding residential uses may be required as a result of the Conditional Use Permit and/or PDD process. – SEPA review will be required. – The wetland connected to Spanaway Lake by Spanaway Creek is a regulated shoreline, per Title 18S. The stream component has a Residential Shoreline designation. The open wetland has a Conservancy Shoreline designation. The bridge crossing and other improvements with the 200-foot shoreline jurisdicton will require, at a minimum, a Shoreline Substantial Development Permit.
Tricia Bennon253-798-7162Building Division11/28/2022Plan CheckApproved
Microhomes can be set up through our Base Plan program allowing a smoother permit review. Encourage you to set this up in advance. Mix of IRC (microhomes) and IBC review (common buildings) and the associated energy codes. Separation requirements will be out of the IRC/IBC depending on structure type.

Here are some photos of the area taken on 12/29/2022:


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