Dept. of Commerce presenting feasibility of incorporating Parkland area communities to PSMAC Jan. 4

On January 4, at 6:30 p.m. in the South East Tacoma Community Center at 1614 99th St. E, Tacoma, WA (in Midland), the department of Commerce is going to report on the feasibility study of incorporating Parkland, Spanaway, Frederickson, Midland and Summit together into a large city. This was a $200,000 study arranged through the state legislature by Representative Melanie Morgan last year.

In addition, the committee will review variances requested for a development on 152nd Street west of Spanaway Loop reducing minimum lot widths and setbacks for a development called Crossing at Spanaway Lake.

Here is part of the agenda:

Parkland-Spanaway-Midland Advisory Commission (PSMAC)
Regular Meeting Agenda | January 4, 2023, 6:30 PM
South East Tacoma Community Center, 1614 – 99th St. E., Tacoma

WA Department of Commerce Presentation
Information Briefing: 2022-2023 WA Department of Commerce
Study on the Feasibility of Incorporating Parkland-Area Communities.
Presenters: Keri Sallee, Dept. of Commerce, and Michaela Jellicoe, Community Attributes Inc.

Preliminary Plat/Planned Development District/Site Plan Review: Crossing at Spanaway Lake
Application Numbers: 999740, 999737, 999743
Owner: Kyu and Kyeong Pak | Applicant/Agent: AHBL, Attn: Scott Kaul
Staff: Adonais Clark, Senior Planner,

Request: Formal subdivision of an 8.2-acre project site, with 7.1 net developable acres, into 43 single-family residential lots. A Planned Development District (PDD) is requested to reduce the minimum lot width from 50 feet to 40 feet, reduce the side yard setback for shared access facility (SAF) and pipe stem lots from 10 feet to 5 feet, and allow a private SAF within a PDD. The Site Plan Review (SPR) request is to reduce the percentage of significant tree retention from the required 30%, to 25%. Located at 706 152nd Street East, Tacoma, in the Moderate Density Single-Family zone classification, the Parkland-Spanaway-Midland Community Plan area, and Council District 3.

Public comment will be limited to 3 minutes per speaker. If possible, please have a spokesperson for people with similar views.

OTHER BUSINESS Election of 2023 Officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary)


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  1. Coleen Cole says:

    Thank you so much for your reporting! Very much appreciated.😁 Did you post on the incorporating all the unincorporated areas? We were sorry to not attend. Thank you, Neighbor! Coleen

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