200th & 38th Ave to 208th Street – a lumbermill in the works

Spanaway/Frederickson residents change ALERT!SierraPacific

The next Frederickson Clover Creek Community Council on Saturday January 17,  meeting will begin with discussion of the Sierra Pacific Industries development. The meeting will be held at Christ Community Baptist Church, 8016 176th St. E. at 9AM.

This 250 acre site runs from the corner of 200th Street East and 38th Avenue East to 208th Street. It is adjacent to residential areas, but due to county zoning of the area as industrial some time ago, residents are not receiving notification of the development which will include a sawmill, dry kilns etc. Not much mitigation will be going in place either. Here is part of a letter received by one resident from planning:

“Attached you will find a mitigated determination of non significance that mitigated for noise. There is no requirement for a public hearing because the use is outright permitted. There are no real buffers required other than landscaping of which the applicant has met against neighboring properties. Please note the appeal deadline is quickly approaching (April 10, 2014) If you have additional questions please let me know and I will do my best to answer them. Michael Jimenez Planner Pierce County Planning and Land Services 253.798.7181 ”

The Sierra Pacific Industries will also give a presentation at the Frederickson LUAC on Jan 26th 7PM at the Bethel Learning Center 21818 38th Ave E.


[Editor Note: Hope they also intend to be friends with their 500 neighbors]



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