Frederickson meeting hosts rep from new sawmill

By John Marshall  1/17/1510923399_912457828786658_494631092737526475_n

Lisa Perry from Sierra Pacific Industries gave her power point presentation to our group this morning. She started off by giving us a bit of history about how Sierra Pacific has grown over the years.

She explained that they have other sawmills in Western Washington and how they are good neighbors and help fund worthy community projects. During the question and answer period, we learned that they are very environmentally friendly. They use every single scrap of material in one way or another.

They will produce 1 million board feet of lumber per day and that it will take 100 log truck loads per day to accomplish this. Audience members worried about the noise from the mill operations. Lisa explained that noise will be mitigated by containing noisy operations within buildings. Others spoke about the traffic impacts along 38th Ave. Several people questioned having 100 log trucks per day making the corner at Canyon Rd. and 200th. This was beyond Sierra Pacific’s area of responsibility.

Lisa explained that they have also purchased 2 pieces of property from the Port of Tacoma in the area of 196th & Canyon Rd. That property will be mined of its gravel and the 450,000 cubic yards of gravel will be used to serve as base material for the sawmill and industrial park development. She indicated that the gravel will travel north to 192nd, west on 192nd then south on 38th Ave. E to their entrance at 200th St. E. After dumping their loads, trucks will leave the construction site and travel East on 200th, then north on Canyon to the gravel site.

Members present commented on how they appreciated the street sweepers and flaggers currently working at the 200th & 38th Ave. construction entrance.


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