Sunny day for limited hydros on the lake

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SPANAWAY, WA — Residents of Spanaway Lake brought out the barbeques, swimming suits and shorts and had a fun day at the lake on Saturday. The APBA was hosting the Yapachino Memorial Regatta, limited hydro races this weekend and they could not have asked for better weather.

Lakeside drive was part parking lot as resident’s family and friends turned up to enjoy a picnic in the sunshine and watch the races. The judges, score keepers, time keeper and flagman were on a lot at Lakeside Drive as well. Their video equipment, giant digital clock and radios kept them in contact with the boats on the water.

Inside Spanaway Park the lakeshore was fenced off from the public as was the boathouse and launch. A pit pass cost $10 for access to the boats. Many of the visitors in the park put up shade tents and folding chairs. They had their…

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