Health Dept. closes North beach on Spanaway Lake from swimming

TPCHD — Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department recommends people do not swim or wade in the waters around Spanaway Lake North Beach. Also, please do not let your pets drink the water. High levels of bacteria found in the water at this location show an increased risk of gastrointestinal illness. The main swimming area south of the boat launch had low levels of bacteria. However, this beach will be closed on Saturday and Sunday, September 10th and 11th, for other activities.

The Health Department has posted advisory signs at Spanaway Lake North Beach, and we will continue to monitor bacteria levels at this location. When bacteria levels no longer show increased risks to public health, we will remove the signs and lift the Caution advisory.

For more information, please contact Ray Hanowell at (253) 798-2845 (, or Austin Jennings at (253) 798-4715 (


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