Harvest Fest Oct 15 – Graham Elem

From 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. October 15, the Graham Kapowsin Community Council will have their Harvest Fest event at Graham Elementary School.
There is a Fun Run/Walk along with the festival. Due to the weather forecast, some events may be rescheduled or cancelled, but so far, the Post has not received notice of any changes. The show will go on.
Sent from Carol Wright:
Our annual EXPO and Harvest Fest fundraisers to support the ‘FEED THE CHILDREN’ PROGRAM.  We have this event twice a year to raise money to fill pack backs with food for those children who do not have access to food during the weekends. We do our best to make sure they have nutritious and hot food for the weekend. All the money that is raised for this event goes right back into the  FEED Program. 

We have around 30-45 vendors, have entertainers who donate their performance time, we have community support and volunteers, we have a silent auction, which also generates money to support the cause.  We have donations from the community and from the vendors.  This is great way for everyone to get involved and do what they can and feed a child in need.

I have enclosed all the details for you that explains the program and our purpose.  Please feel free to check out our website (g-kcc.org), so you can see what GKCC does for the children, their families and providing support from the community.  This is a very wonderful and worthwhile project, which offers resources for those in need.

We started our back pack program as a result of the need to feed homeless children in this part of South Pierce County that does not have bus service. We would take 3-4 back packs out to each of the schools in the Bethel School District but then the need became so great that now we take power packs as we can no longer afford 200 each week! The power packs have nutritious foods that the children can fix themselves as many of the parents are not even able to cook for them in homeless situations or scrambling to survive. Each pack costs @$4 so times 200 that’s $800/week times 52 weeks a year that’s $41,600/year. Fortunately we have a very generous community and food is coming in but not all that fits with the power packs. Just yesterday we got an urgent message that water was needed so Carol took over her water late in the day Justen, our mayor pro temp, said that the community really rallied together! Please feel free to call Carol Wright @ 253-279-3071 if you want to discuss this project further!

Thank you for all that you do and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Have a wonderful day,
Carol Wright and Kayla Holmes w/ Graham-Kapowsin Community Council



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