Old Elk Plain Road Shop sale review – Oct. 29

Does anyone remember a few years ago the Elk Plain community was discussion a parkElk Plain Road Shop Proposal 2018 plan for the old Elk Plain Road Shop? Well the county has found a buyer. And they no longer want to build a Lowe’s, they just want to build lots and lots of houses now.

The County Council will be reviewing this purchase, Resolution 2018-131, next week on 10/29/2018 10:00 a.m. in the Rules and Operations Committee at the Council office in the County City Building, 10th Floor.

The area South of 208th Street in Spanaway, except for a narrow strip of land along
SR7 that is commercial, was designated “rural reserve.”

The commercial designation was never designated for housing, housing, therefore, is NOT grandfathered in as an alternative to these locations.

The Elk Plain Road Shop, also had a mining overlay.

Along comes this buyer and the plan includes commercial, (ok, can’t argue that much). It also includes housing, lots of dense housing.

From the appearance of this recent proposal, it appears there will be around 355 houses and no commercial business.

  • At 1.8 children per house that is 639 kids, an entire elementary school
  • 3,550 car trips at 10 trips per house per day, 710 additional cars at the intersection of Mtn. Hwy & 224th at each rush hour

Are you getting the general idea?

This housing density, is an issue in a district that already unable to build enough schools the current students.

Seeing that the housing is out of the zoning originally set for the area; it simply should not have anything allowed, but the rural reserve level of houses.

Please contact your council office by phone or email, 253-798-7777.


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