Brookdale Golf Course housing development hearing Dec 19, 9am County Annex

The Pierce County Hearings Examiner’s Hearing for the Brookdale PDD will be December 19th at 9:00am at the County Annex.

If you still want your voice heard about the development of the Brookdale Golf Course, please be present!  The County needs to be reminded what is truly important!
This is our community & our history.

If, at any time in the future, you may want to challenge any aspect of this development, you must have “standing.” To have “standing” you  must be a participate in public comment about this development, at the hearing or by letter or email to the Hearings Examiner.

Here is the records for the development on the Planning and Land Services site. 

There is a line on the PALS development page to see and add public comment.

HE Hearing for Brookdale


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